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Every few years the Gallup Organization issues their State of the American Workforce report. It generally breaks down like this:

In Hawks Agency language:

Owners bring their heart, head and hands to work, which translates into passion, imagination, and skill.

Renters bring only their hands. They fulfill a function.

Vandals bring division. Divisive and manipulative, these silent saboteurs wreak havoc.

What makes this message so compelling is the immediately accessible premise that it is built upon. Everyone has owned or rented a home and can relate to this simple idea. Equally powerful, it gives everyone a common language to address issues.

Five Distinct Differences FOR
Owners and Renters

For leaders and employees, understanding the Five Distinct Differences is essential to move forward in transforming Renters back into Owners. This message provides language and perspective for employees to utilize.

Distinctive 1 - Defining Commitment

Time is often used as a metric for measuring someone’s level of commitment, but it’s faulty and inaccurate. This distinctive reveals the two best metrics— contribution and accountability—as means of assessing an employee’s current state of commitment to an organization’s strategic plan. It also offers practical approaches for systemizing both.

Distinctive 2 - Increasing Value

Many employees simply maintain. Some leaders and employees are just getting by. With minimal-to-no budget necessary, this distinctive presents an opportunity for individuals to grow and become more valuable to the organization through intentional and strategic steps aligned with the organization’s goals. Using encouragement and investment, employees can significantly expand their teammates’ capacity as well as their own.

Distinctive 3 - Reach for Responsibility

This distinctive offers a perspective on healthy sacrifice creating significance. Willingness to solve problems you didn’t create, resolve issues beyond your current scope, and/or fixing situations involving people at all levels gives an employee the opportunity to model expectations. This creates noticeable advantages and credibility while moving the vision along.

Distinctive 4 - Being Inclusive

In a world so diverse, purposely including employees at all levels, with varying skill sets, across departments, situated in multiple locations is a difficult task! Often times, workgroups, teams, departments, or whole divisions become isolated and work within silos. This distinctive allows for numerous approaches to engage the assorted individuals and teams, while thwarting exclusivity.

Distinctive 5 - See the Whole

Many organizations experience leaders and employees becoming territorial in their area of responsibilities. This distinctive focuses on nurturing a culture that values the big picture. With an emphasis on vision and mission, this aspect equips the employee with a chance to be a uniting force. It’s impossible to work in every area, but it is possible to value every area equally.

There is a piece that addresses Vandals within this context, too. They exist and are a destructive force within a team. As with the rest of the message, what it looks like and how to manage it will be addressed.

We strongly suggest utilizing Owner Refresh after your live experience.

An extended version allows exploration for converting Renters back into Owners (this is not part of the standard keynote).

Three tools are utilized to apply a lease-purchase process for someone to re-engage: